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Do I know you?

Starting over. ~

16 November 1990

Who is it?
Hello hello! I'm Jos, 25, Swiss, music lover, Scorpio.
Has an annoying family.
Loves metal-symphonic music.
Is a huge fan of Twitter!
Is she dangerous?

She's absolutely dangerous, but there's no one more capable of love. So it's up to you.
She is. Sarcastic I mean.

LOVES red colour. Everything in red is perfect.
She has arabic origins but she doesn't want to visit the country where her parents escaped from. And the rest of Middle East as well.
Absolutely supportive of LGBT cause.
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Thanks to
Nici's Anatomy for the NCIS (Jibbs) mood.
Space_Geek for The Devil Wears Prada moodtheme.
aposse for The Devil Wears Prada gif's moodtheme.